The Christmas Backpack

Front_NoCrops (1)In the novella, a disheartened Chuck McBride travels to Ohio with hopes of finding his life’s meaning after a series of hardships have unsettled his life. His Christmastime visit with old neighbors is plagued with doubt, but an unexpected mission project awakened his heart to the world beyond him. On a whim, Chuck selects an unassuming red backpack to load with school supplies and includes two favorite memories from his own childhood as a special treat. Will God really use Chuck’s gift to answer a prayer? Could he actually do so? Might God answer the prayer the prayers of many individuals through this one red backpack and still continue to sow blessings from it many years later?

From the patch-quilt fields of Ohio to the mountain hollows of Appalachia, The Christmas Backpack goes beyond the lights, decorations, and songs of the Christmas season to show God’s love for His children and how one act of obedience can change lives for His Kingdom forever.

Most importantly, this book is about the fact that God talks to each of us and He asks us to do certain things…the real question that is asked, when we hear from God, will we be obedient?

Physical copies of The Christmas Backpack are available on Amazon for purchase and an E-book version are available on Amazon Kindle. You may read it it here as well: The Christmas Backpack by Brandon Lee Thomas.

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